sarah r. BAKER, maker

I guess it all started in 1998, when I learned basic html and used MS Paint to whip up some killer Alanis Morissette-themed graphics for my first website. I later attended Temple University’s Tyler School of Art where painting was my concentration, but student government was my passion. When I graduated from college, the painting factory wasn't hiring, so I got involved in NYC local politics and honed my graphic design skills in between field and management gigs on local, borough-wide, and city-wide political campaigns.

In 2011, my unusual combination of political and creative skills led me to Washington, DC, where I became the Digital Director for the Candidate Project after graduating from NOI's New Media BootCamp. Through my role at the Candidate Project, I helped hundreds of progressives across the country run for local office in 2012. Then, in the fall of 2012, I became the Creative Director at the New Organizing Institute. Working alongside some of the best trainers in the progressive movement inspired me to develop a two-day crash course in graphic design, which quickly became NOI's most successful two-day training of all time, selling out each time it was offered.

I currently live and work in Brooklyn, NY where I spend my days avoiding emails and making things with Adobe Creative Suite.



CAMPAIGN THAT CHANGED MY LIFE:  Leslie Crocker Snyder for Manhattan DA


FAVORITE MOVIE:  The Royal Tenenbaums